personal professional cybersecurity protection

securing professional practices, executives, and high net worth families from advanced cyber threats

high net worth & professional practices

Specialists in IT security for executive, family office, celebrity and athlete clients. Advanced cyber protection for financial, legal and medical practices. 

next generation enterprise grade cybersecurity

Delivering a level of cybersecurity once only available to banks, fortune 100, and defense industry companies. Elite cybersecurity consultants with experience at three-letter agencies and top private companies.

expert white glove cyber risk management

Personalized risk management for personal brand, social media, and cryptocurrency.  Effective solutions for executive protection, travel cybersecurity, parental control, spear phishing, and bitcoin storage.
Spearfishing Cyber Attack

Effective cybersecurity is challenging for small and medium sized organizations

Cyber attacks are increasing and SMBs are the new preferred target

  • Intellectual property and data theft
  • Financial cybercrimes, ransomware, and cyber extortion
  • Digital cyber attacks and privacy intrusions

Effective prevention and regulatory compliance is costly and requires scale

  • A highly skilled Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) team is the best protection against the modern cyber threat.  For SMBs and high net worth families, a full in-house CISO team is not practical. 

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for small and medium sized organizations 

Solve your cybersecurity challenges with Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) managed services for your organization.  The SMB now has affordable access to highly skilled talent and next generation cyber protection services once only obtainable by larger organizations.

Our clients & industries

famous security

Executives, VIPs, and high net worth families

Ensure your privacy and safeguard your family office

Cybercriminals target executives, high net worth families, celebrities, athletes, and public persons because of their limited level of cyber protection. The interests and public brand of the VIP and family office are increasingly vulnerable due to an ever-growing digital footprint. Advanced cybersecurity solutions from PCCS safeguard these precious digital interests.
c level cyber security

Professional practices, attorneys, CPAs, agencies, and advisors

Secure your firm and protect your reputation

Business professionals build customer relationships based on trust. Protecting customer data trusted to your practice requires a higher level of cybersecurity protection than the average business. Traditional IT providers don’t have the expertise and experience necessary to provide cybersecurity to a high risk environment.

Cybersecurity services and solutions

cybersecurity monitoring services

Comprehensive cybersecurity protection

Advanced defense against the modern adaptive cyber threat

Point based cyber security solutions like anti-virus only protect you against yesterday's cyber attack. The modern cyber threat is adaptive and will continuously look for the weakest link in your organization. A comprehensive cyber security approach is required in today's environment to stay safe. The PCCS cyber zone defense methodology combines the latest cyber security hardware and software with human cyber intelligence, monitoring and
computer security consultant

Cyber risk management, investigation, and training solutions

Proactive solutions for your most pressing cyber risks

Our industry-leading IT security practitioners apply their expertise to your most critical cybersecurity risks.  From data breach investigation and remediation to proactive preventative cybersecurity tools, processes, and controls.

The PCCS team has developed white glove solutions to key security concerns in your digital footprint from it security training and encrypted email to social networking security. Work with our experienced team to identify solutions to your organizations toughest needs.

secure your practice and protect your reputation

About Private Client Cyber Security

Former U.S. defense industry cybersecurity executives founded PCCS after struggling to convince large cybersecurity companies to address the cyber risks of public persons and small sized business. 

PCCS provides enterprise-grade cybersecurity consulting and services to professional practices, executives, athletes, and high net worth families.

We strive to provide a personal, professional and a next-generation technology level of cyber protection to our clients. 


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